6 Bottles Neo Hair Lotion  / NEOHAIR / Hair Serum

6 Bottles Neo Hair Lotion / NEOHAIR / Hair Serum

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6 Bottles Neo Hair Lotion (Save $35 and Free Shipping)

Hair Treatment Root Nutrients.

For people with hair loss, baldness, baldness men and women can help reduce hair loss, baldness, help blood circulation on the scalp.

Stimulates blood circulation of the scalp cells, causing the hair follicle to receive nutrients, resulting in the hair root being alerted, accelerating hair growth. With nourishing the hair roots to be strong. Reduce hair loss. Helps stimulate new hair growth.

Helps accelerate the growth of long, strong and black hair.
Inhibit the fall hair.
Helps reduce and inhibit hair loss from genetic causes.
Helps repair and nourish hair.
Protect from sun damage and external pollution.
Nourishing the hair deeply.
Nourishing the scalp to be moisturized.
Reduce the oiliness of the scalp.